Vendor Rules


Vendor Set-Up:
Thursday – 8 am to 9 pm
Vendors may begin to unload and set up at 8 am. After 10 am when the mall opens to the public, all load-ins must be hand carried per mall management (no dollies or hand carts). This also applies for the duration of the show.

Check-in: at the Information table in the Macy’s Court.  When you first arrive on Thursday morning, please come directly to the information table.  Easy and direct access is through the mall entrance that faces Bolsa Ave. It is midway between Target and Macy’s.  You will be given a detailed packet, parking permit, badges and two Expo t-shirts for sales staff.  After check-in you can begin setting up your booth and your display.

Take Down:
Sunday – 6 pm to 9 pm.  This applies to vendor booths and displays.

Booth and Display Assignments:
Please consult the enclosed mall diagram for booth and display assignments.  Room assignments are still TBD. The dimensions for the tabletop displays are 8’ x 4’ and 10’ x 10’ for the floor displays.  All space assignments are subject to change.

Loading Docks:
Vendors whose booths are in the Macy’s wing should use the dock that is located between Target and Macy’s.  Or you can unload your plants through the mall entrance near room 1079. 

Vendors whose booths are in proximity to JC Penney are to use the loading dock that is located between the Sears and JC Penney stores facing the 405 freeway.  In keeping with Mall procedures plants and supplies can only be transported through the loading dock areas after 10 am.

Parking Rules:
Happily, there is abundant parking both for the public and for vendors. There is an area immediately below the large electronic sign adjacent to the freeway that has been designated for the vendors. You may park there for the duration of the show.  After you have unloaded your plants and supplies in the loading dock area, please move your vehicle to the designated parking area so that other vendors may unload. All mall parking regulations, fire zones, red curbs will be enforced.

Booth:  A copy of your current and valid Sellers Permit issued by the California State Board of Equalization must be displayed at your vendor booth. A copy is also to be on file with the show committee. BOE agents are known to visit orchid shows to check for the permits. If the committee does not have a copy of this permit submitted with your application, no booth assignment will be made. Note that refunds will not be given for failure to secure or provide the show management with your Sellers Permit. You can download an application form from the Publications Section of the BOE at or by calling 800-400-7115.

  • Electricity will be provided as part of the vendor booth fee and is only for a cash register and lighting. If you have not already submitted your request, please use the contact form below.
  • Final assignment of vendor spaces is at the discretion of show management.
  • Vendor must staff booth during open hours of the entire show.
  • Vendors are to clean up and restore their vendor space to its original state (all trash removed). The mall provides large trash containers and trash compactors outside.
    No water in the trash compactors; water to be drained off in drains located near trash compactors. Please crush all cartons, etc.
  • The carpeted vendor area will be inspected before and after the show. Any damage to the carpet (i.e., water, bark or food stains) will be billed to you, the vendor. Further, vendor agrees to accept full responsibility to pay for any damage caused by them to the premises.
  • Vendor booth space cannot be sold by anyone other than show management.

Plant Sales:  Owners of plant materials must be prepared to provide copies of phytosanitary and CITES documents upon demand. All plants must be nursery grown. Vendors are to follow Agricultural Commissioner requirements. All CITES regulations must be followed. Any violations may result in the vendor being prohibited from participating in the current and future NHOS Orchid Shows.

  • All plants must be properly labeled INCLUDING SELLER CONTACT INFORMATION.
  • The sale price of all plants and materials must be clearly marked.
  • Vendor agrees to assume all responsibility for the proper collection and payment of all federal, state, and local taxes. Vendor is to clearly post tax collection policy in booth.
  • No distribution is allowed of sales materials, flyers, lists, etc. in the exhibit area or show parking lot.
  • Dumping of plant stock during Newport Harbor Orchid Expo and Sale is a violation of fairness to other vendors and will not be permitted, except on Sunday, February 12, beginning at 2 pm until the close of the sale at 6 pm. Prices are to remain constant throughout the show, and we request that all vendors set a fair retail price from the start.  Vendors who do not comply will not invited to participate in future NHOS shows.
  • Should an emergency arise requiring closure of your booth, your plants may be sold to other plant vendors or donated to the Newport Harbor Orchid Society, but may not be discounted to the public.  Violation of this rule will result in your being denied participation at future NHOS shows.

Food Service: The mall has an extensive food court with a large variety of dining choices where you may purchase your meals.  A TGI Fridays has recently opened near Sears providing a new option.

Lodging:  There are numerous hotels within a short driving distance of the Westminster Mall.  A complete list with overall ratings provided by TripAdvisor is available at:

Please use the contact form below.

Thank you for your participation in Newport Harbor Orchid Society’s 2018 Newport Harbor Orchid Expo and Sale. We look forward to a successful event.

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